Alfresco is the leading Open Source ECM and collaboration solution, rated as visionary by Gartner Magic Quadrant for ECM. The platform is Java based, has a content repository, web application framework and web content management system. Alfresco is available in two editions, Community Edition – The open source version supported by community, and Alfresco One – The Enterprise Edition supported by Alfresco product support team.

For critical large-scale implementations that require 24*7 uptime, a multi-node cluster would be appropriate. Since Alfresco depends on external components such as the database and the filesystem, clustering the Alfresco instances only would not be enough.

While Clustering is built into Alfresco Enterprise, its not present in Community Edition for obvious reasons, as large scale deployments require active support from Alfresco experts.

However since many organizations including some non-profit organizations use Alfresco Community Edition in production environment,  our team spent some time on solving the bottleneck around achieving Alfresco Community cluster with multi-node active-active deployment.

We have configured and successfully tested various scenarios including setting up Alfresco Share Cluster, Solr cluster and a MySQL/PostgreSQL cluster to achieve fail-over and high availability of Alfresco system.

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