Activiti BPM & Workflow Solutions

Activiti BPM provides a highly scalable, Java-based workflow and Business Process Management (BPM) application targeted at business users, developers and administrators.

The Activiti Designer is an Eclipse plugin which allows you to model BPMN 2.0 processes from within your IDE-environment. It also has built-in support for the activiti-specific extentions to enable you to use the full potential of both the processes and the engine. There are various plugability-points to allow for additional building-blocks to be added to the process on top of the regular BPMN 2.0, tailored for your specific use-cases and business-domain.

Our Activiti BPM Consulting team possess high degree of BPM and Workflow Consulting expertise over various BPM solutions including Activiti BPM, jBPM, and Process Maker with strong domain and process understanding.

Design and Test Process Definitions

Alfresco Activiti BPM provides two integrated process modelling applications. The Step Editor easily guides the business user through the process of designing new models, while the graphical BPMN editor is designed to support the needs of the more dedicated BPM analyst.

  • Choice of editor to meet different user requirements
  • Drag and drop forms editor and library
  • Fully compliant BPMN 2.0 process models can be managed, versioned and shared

Group Business Processes, Publish and Share

Activiti BPM Process Apps allow users to group and share packages of related business processes and associated forms (for example all the processes associated with a department or business unit).

  • Group related processes under a single, shareable, app
  • Build up a library of processes and forms to share across the organization
  • Add Process Apps to the user desktops for easy access

Process Analytics and Business Process Insight

Online analytics provide insight into business processes. Look for bottle necks and identify process inefficiencies to allow optimization of critical business processes.

  • Review active and completed processes.
  • Gain insight into tasks, service level agreements and process instance details.
  • Customize new reports and save for future access.
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