Alfresco Intelligent Digital Workspace (iDW)

Modern, Responsive, Multi-lingual and Device agnostic platform to supercharge Digital Transformation journey of organizations of any size.

A vital component of Digital Operations is to consider the digital inside and digital outside of your business operations.

By mapping business processes from the inside of your business to the outside world and back again, you can re-imagine how you would like them to operate, spot the pain points and identify what needs to be done to achieve positive results.

Intelligent Digital Workspace (iDW) combines the Content, Process, Governance and Communication features to improve the quality of human interactions and make the digital inside to digital outside connection seamless.

Other Solutions

Alfresco Consulting and EDMS/Workflow Solutions

Our Alfresco Consulting team relies on the world’s leading Open Source Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). Alfresco helps companies to service customers better and adapt more quickly to rapid market changes by automating document-intensive business processes and enabling large-scale collaboration. Every day, over 7 million business users in 180 countries rely on Alfresco to manage 4 billion documents, files and processes – behind the firewall, in the cloud and even on their mobile devices.

The Alfresco EDMS platform allows organizations to store and manage any type of content- from simple office documents, to scanned images, drawings, and even large Audio/Video files.  Alfresco Workflow and BPM capabilities allows companies to automate document intensive business processes, saving time and money for businesses.

As an Alfresco partner, we have been providing Alfresco consulting services to customers in the area of implementing Alfresco to meet document management or content management requirements, integrating Alfresco with other applications like SAP, SharePoint and Liferay.

We have been providing expert level Alfresco consulting services to meet scalability and performance requirements. Our Alfresco consultants have achieved high degree of expertise in ECM domain and also have experience in implementing other ECM solutions such as EMC Documentum, Microsoft SharePoint and Liferay.


Document Management

At the core of Alfresco One is an open source content platform that scales to meet your business needs. Unrivaled support for open standards allows users to choose how to access their content, via the web, desktop, email, etc. while the server enforces access controls and security.

– Full access control to ensure the security and integrity of important business content.
– Powerful search to easily locate the right content amongst the 100,000’s of documents being managed.
– Major and Minor version control and commenting to track content changes over time.

Records Management

Control and Compliance
Legislation, industry regulations and compliance requirements mean companies need to securely manage content for the duration of its useful life. But traditional Records Management Solutions have focused of features and not end user adoption. The Alfresco Records Management solution is DoD 5015.2 Certified simple to use, helping drive adoption and compliance.

– In place records allow users to declare records from anywhere in Alfresco.
– Automation allows content to be declare and filed based on corporate business rules.
– Dynamic File Plans remove the burden of managing how and where records are filed.

Workflow / Business Process Management (BPM)

Documents and Processes, Together
Alfresco Activiti provides a super performance process engine designed to meet business demands. Delivered as open source, Alfresco Activiti BPM is designed to be integrated with other line of business applications to orchestrate business processes across the enterprise.
Provided as a hosted, online process modeling application, the Alfresco Activiti Workflow Editor allows business analysts to easily create and test new process definitions.

– Rich metadata models, or properties, can be used to move documents automatically through a business process or records management lifecycle
– Built-in workflows simplify document review and approval, while custom process definitions can streamline any content-intensive activity
– Folder rules trigger automated actions for repetitive tasks, freeing people to focus on more important activities
– Create fully compliant Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN 2.0) process definitions
– Graphical design provides visual representation of the process
– Edit, share, manage and download definitions for use in Alfresco Activiti

Team Collaboration

Collaboration for the Extended Enterprise
Alfresco One gives your users the tools they need to securely collaborate internally with colleagues and externally with business partners, prospects, customers, consultants and external agencies – and with complete control.

– Dedicated project areas to allow teams to share and collaborate efficiently.
– Powerful collaboration tools include project wiki’s, forums, links, blogs and lists.
– Synchronization to the cloud to support collaboration with the extended enterprise.

Mobile Access

Access Content on Mobile Device of Choice using the free Alfresco Mobile application users can securely access documents on their tablets and smartphones.

– Support for both iOS and Android devices.
– Multiple accounts per device to access on-premise and Alfresco in the cloud.
– Add comments to content, like and share using Alfresco Mobile’s social collaboration.

Alfresco Data Archiving for SAP Solutions

SAP connector for Alfresco is an interface to the SAP ERP system based on SAP’s HTTP Content Server 6.20 interface and supports SAP DMS and the SAP ArchiveLink archiving scenarios. Our Alfresco consultants can help you save on cost by integrating Alfresco with SAP.

SAP Connector
– Enables users to easily store, access and display documents in Alfresco from a variety of SAP modules like FI, SD, MM, CO, HR, PP or PM
– Extends the SAP ArchiveLink information by additional metadata available in SAP and Alfresco
– Archives SAP documents, reports, and data through HTTP Content Server 6.20 certified interface in Alfresco
– Links documents stored in Alfresco to a variety of SAP objects
– Offers Non-SAP users access to SAP-related documents and information

Our Solution
By using the SAP certified ArchiveLink interface of the SAP connector you are able to:
– Managing incoming documents such as invoices
– Managing outgoing documents such as order confirmations
– Data Archiving (ADK)
– Print List Archiving (e.g. quarter end report)
– DART (Data Retention Tool)

Key Benefits
– Supports SAP DMS and SAP Records Management
– Easily manage and collaborate on all of your SAP content and
– Multi-architecture and platform support
– Powerful search and workflow

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