Business Intelligence Consulting and Analytics Solutions

Progentys is specialist in providing Business Intelligence Consulting and Big Data Analytics Solutions to customers across world. Our Business Intelligence consulting team consists of highly experienced BI consultants who have carries out BI projects implementations using various tools such as Talend ETL, SSIS, Tableau, QlikView, Jaspersoft, Microsoft Power BI and offer industry standard best practices to customer looking for scalable and high performance Business Intelligence Solutions.

We are here to help people and organizations make better data-driven decisions in an increasingly complex environment. Progentys Business Intelligence Consulting team are not just developers. We are able to manage the entire development life-cycle. We work with our clients to advice and support on everything from the selection of the best tools & technologies from Open Source to Commercial products, through to the most appropriate project management methodologies to use.

Data Integration and ETL

Our data warehousing and Business Intelligence team specializes in various Data Integration solutions. We recommend Talend ETL, the leading Open Source ETL solution. Talend offers robust data integration in an open and scalable architecture to maximize its value to your business. Simple, graphical tools and wizards get you up and running quickly with native code generation that streamlines development.

Talend Open Studio features over 800 connectors to natively connect databases, flat files, cloud-based applications and more data. Graphical drag-and-drop tools and wizards speed design, testing, and generation of code in the languages you need. Easily manage and monitor projects from simple, one-time ETL projects to complex, ongoing data synchronization projects requiring thousands of jobs. Teams leverage a shared repository and versioning tools for maximum productivity.

Key Talend ETL solution features

  • A graphical integrated development environment with an intuitive Eclipse-based interface.
  • A Drag-and-drop job design.
  • A unified repository for storing and reusing metadata.
  • The broadest data connectivity support of any data integration platform, with more than 400 built-in connector components that let you quickly bridge between databases, mainframes, file systems, web services, packaged enterprise applications, data warehouses, OLAP applications, Software-as-a-Service and Cloud-based applications, and more.
  • Advanced ETL functionality including string manipulations, automatic lookup handling, and management of slowly changing dimensions.
  • Support for ELT (extract, load, and transform) as well as ETL, even within a single job.

Business Analytics and Dashboards

Our BI Solutions’ modern, simplified and interactive approach empowers business users to access, discover and blend all types and sizes of data. With a spectrum of increasingly advanced analytics, from basic reports to predictive modeling, users can analyze and visualize data across multiple dimensions, all while minimizing dependence on IT. At the same time, a true designed-for-mobile experience ensures users are productive no matter where they are.

Interactive Visual Analysis:

  • Interactive visual analysis with drill through, lasso filtering, zooming, and attribute highlighting for greater insight.
  • Out-of-the box library of interactive visualizations — including geo-mapping, heat grids and scatter/bubble charts.
  • Specialized, visualization plug-ins deliver “the art of the possible” for advanced visualizations.
  • Extreme scale in-memory data caching for speed-of-thought analysis of large data volumes.
  • True mobile experience with support for native gestures and complete analytics capabilities, including content creation.
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