Mobile Staff Monitoring Solution

MyTeamMap, our Mobile Staff Monitoring and Productivity Enhancement Solution is a very cost effective, cloud based solution to help businesses monitor their field staff on map, assign tasks in real-time and monitor the task progress to deliver excellent customer service.

MyTeamMap cloud application allow users to create an inventory of their existing and potential customer’s addresses and assign tasks to the staff, while they are out in field.

Equipped with MyTeamMap mobile app on their Android and iOS devices, field staff can view and update tasks assigned to them. Field staff can also locate the accurate location of customers they are expected to serve by selecting the task and update status with the mobile up.

Monitor and track location of field staff in Real-time

Based on the built-in smartphone GPS, MyTeamMap mobile app sends real-time GPS data to MyTeamMap cloud server.

  • Install the MyTeamMap Mobile app in user’s smartphone.
  • Add user’s device details in MyTeamMap cloud using unique identification number.
  • Start tracking staff location in real-time during specific working hours only.

Assign Tasks on the go, Monitor Work Progress

MyTeamMap allows customer services managers to track the location of field staff and assign them tasks based on the proximity of customer location.

  • Assign Tasks to field staff and send push notification
  • Monitor and track status of task and staff location
  • Generate periodical reports to ascertain performance and reward best staff

No upfront Investment, get started within minutes

Cloud based MyTeamMap staff monitoring solution saves the hassle of deploying GPS servers and applications for customers. Our highly managed servers ensure optimum performance to meet your business need and 24×7 support ensures round the clock customer support to resolve any issue.

  • Create your account within minutes and start adding your customer locations and staff details.
  • One click installation of mobile app in staff’s smartphone, requires minimal training.
  • Pay-per-use pricing, sale-up and scale down as per your team size.
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